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Results: Army Equestrian Championship & Meerut Horse Show 2011

Results: Army Equestrian Championship & Meerut Horse Show 2011 :: 1stHorse ~ wHere the Horse comes first

Results of the Army Equestrian Championship & Meerut Horse Show 2011-2012 held at RVC Centre & College, Meerut, from 6th to 20th November 2011 

S.NoName of eventPositionName of Winner ExhibitorNo of ParticipantsNo of Horses
1Cdt Dressage1Cdt Pradeep KumarBSC810
2Cdt AvdeshBSC
3Cdt Hakim AliBSC
2Tent Pegging lance & peg (Indl)1Swr Raghuvinder SinghRTS D Sahranpur1515
2Nb Ris Manoj KumarASC North
3Sep SurenderASC (N)
3Farriery Gd-II1ALD Kapil KumarRVC C&C5-
2ALD R MunnysamyASC (N)
3ALD RahmanRVC C&C
4Tent Pegging lemon & peg (Indl)1Nk Ram BhanASC (N)88
2Nk HukumASC (N)
3Sep SurenderASC (N)
5Tent Pegging lance & peg (Team)1Nb Sub Girdhari LalASC (N)1616
1Nk HukumASC (N)
1Nk Ram BhanASC (N)
1Sep SurenderASC (N)
2Nb Ris Manoj KumarRTS D Sahranpur
2Swr Raghuvinder SinghRTS D Sahranpur
2Dfr Madan LalRTS D Sahranpur
2SDM Surender SinghRTS D Sahranpur
3Nb Ris LakhvinderPBG
3LD SurenderPBG
3Swr Karash Singh PBG
3Swr Shakti SinghPBG
6Tent Pegging Indian File (Team)1Nb Sub Girdhari LalASC (N)2020
1Nk HukumASC (N)
1Nk Ram BhanASC (N)
1Sep SurenderASC (N)
2Nb Ris Manoj KumarRTSD Saharanpur
2Dfr Madan LalRTSD Saharanpur
2Swr Raghuvinder SinghRTSD Saharanpur
2L Dfr Tara ChandRTSD Saharanpur
3Sep RK MeenaNorthern Comd
3Sep JitenderNorthern Comd
3Sep BaljitNorthern Comd
3Sep Krishan SinghNorthern Comd
7Prelim Dressage (Indl)1Swr VishwanathRVC C&C3237
2Ris Rajpal SinghRTSD Hempur
3Swr K NikeshRVC C&C
8Prelim Dressage (Team)1Ris Sunil KumarRVC A3030
1Ris RajpalRVC A
1Swr VishwanathRVC A
2Swr K MaheshRVC B
2Maj Gurdeep SinghRVC B
2Dfr Shivaji PooniaRVC B
3Capt Prince C KurianRVC E
3Ris Gulab SinghRVC E
3Swr K NikeshRVC E
9Novice Dressage (Indl)1Ris Gulab SinghRVC C&C1010
2Ris Maj BhagirathRVC C&C
3Dfr Govind RamRTSD Saharanpur
10Novice Dressage (Team)1Ris Maj BhagirathRVC A99
1Ris Gulab SinghRVC A
1Dfr Govind RamRVC A
2Nb Ris RL MaliRVC C
2Nb Ris Narender SinghRVC C
2Nb Ris AK ShuklaRVC C
11Elementary Dressage (Indl)1Ris Gulab SinghRVC C&C33
2Dfr Shivaji PooniaRVC C&C
3Swr P VishwanathRVC C&C
12Show Jumping Gd-III Normal1Hav Sohan SinghASC (S)88
2Ris Gulab SinghRVC C&C
3LD Pawan KumarPBG
13Novice Jumping Normal (Indl)1Dfr Shivaji PooniaRVC C&C2929
2L Dfr Hari OmRVC C&C
3L Dfr MS SodhiRTSD Hempur
14Novice Jumping Normal (Team)1Dfr Shivaji PooniaRVC A2828
1L Dfr MS SodhiRVC A
1Swr SachinRVC A
1Maj Gurdeep SinghRVC A
2Maj Bharat Singh, SMASC (S)
2Nk RohtashASC (S)
2Sep Jalam SinghASC (S)
2Swr Ram SinghASC (S)
3Col Deep Ahlawat, VSMRVC B
3Ris Sunil KumarRVC B
3Maj SK DahiyaRVC B
3Dfr Govind RamRVC B
15Tent Pegging Sword Indl1Nk Ram BhanASC (N)1717
2Swr Raghuvinder SinghRTSD Saharanpur
3Swr Veer SinghRTSD Saharanpur
16Cdt Jumping1Cdt AvdeshBSC3535
2Cdt Pradeep KumarBSC
3Cdt RavinderBSC
17Prelim Jumping Normal (Indl)1Swr Sushil KumarRTSD Saharanpur3944
2Capt Prince C KurianRVC C&C
3L/Dfr Ajit SinghRTSD Hempur
18Prelim Jumping Normal (Team)1Nb Ris RL MaliRVC A5252
1Swr CB KushwahRVC A
1Swr K MaheshRVC A
1Swr Sushil KumarRVC A
2ALD Lakhvir SinghPBG
2Swr VanshdeepPBG
2ALD GurpenderPBG
2Swr MandeepPBG
3Nb Sub Girdhari LalASC (N)
3Nk Ram BhanASC (N)
3Sep Jalam SinghASC (N)
3Sep RajivASC (N)
19Novice Accumulator (Indl)1Ris Dinesh KumarRTSD Hempur2525
2Ris Sunil KumarRTSD Hempur
3Maj Bharat Singh, SMASC (N)
20Prelim Accumulator (Indl)1Nb Ris Mal ChandRTSD Sahranpur5151
2Swr BalamuruganRTSD Hempur
3Maj Gurdeep SinghRVC C&C
21Tent Pegging Sword (Team)1Nb Sub Girdhari LalASC (N)1616
1Nk HukumASC (N)
1Nk Ram BhanASC (N)
1Sep SurenderASC (N)
2Nb Ris Manoj KumarRTSD Sahranpur
2Swr Raghuvinder SinghRTSD Sahranpur
2Dfr Madan LalRTSD Sahranpur
2Lt Col PP SinghRTSD Sahranpur
3Sep RK MeenaNorthern Comd
3Sep BaljitNorthern Comd
3Sep JitenderNorthern Comd
3Sep Krishan SinghNorthern Comd
22Gd-III Top Score (Indl)1Swr Ram SinghACC&S77
2Ris Gulab SinghRVC C&C
3Nk P BasumatryASC (N)
2Maj Gurdeep SinghRVC C&C
3Ris Maj BhagirathRVC C&C
1Maj Gurdeep SinghCC
1Lt Col Mangal SinghCC
1Capt Prince C KurianCC
2Nb Ris R L MaliCC
2ALD ShantanuCC
2Swr C B KushwahCC
2Swr RakeshCC
3Nb Ris LakhwinderWestern Comd
3ALD JienderWestern Comd
3ALD VanshdeepWestern Comd
3Swr MandeepWestern Comd
25One Star Eventing (Indl)1Dfr Govind RamCC1315
2Ris Gulab SinghCC
3Swr P VishwanathCC
26One Star Eventing (Team)1Dfr Govind RamCC1315
Swr Rajender
Swr P Vishwanath
2Hav Sohan SinghCC
Nk Basumatry
Sep Jalam Singh
3Ris Sunil KumarCC
Ris Dinesh Kumar
Ris Rajpal
27Open Jumping Six Bar1Nb Ris Mal ChandCC67
2Sep RK ChandelSC
3Swr Raj KumarCC
28Novice Eventing (Indl)1Ris Sunil KumarCC2222
2Dfr Shivaji PooniaCC
3Col Deep Ahlawat,VSMCC
29Novice Eventing (Team)1Col Deep Ahlawat,VSMCC2020
Ris Sunil Kumar
Ris Rajpal Singh
Ris Dinesh Kumar
2Nb Ris Manoj KumarCC
Dafadar Shivaji Poonia
Swr K Dilip
L/Dafadar Hari Om
3Swr Rahul PooniaCC
Nb Ris AK Shukla
Swr Satender
Lance Dafadar Ajit Singh
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